I must admit I didn't always want to write. Sure, I composed entertaining stories for my teachers and classmates, and always aced those pesky English assignments. I flitted from one activity to another, never quite deciding what I wanted to do with my life. When they said 'Jack of all trades and master of none', they weren't kidding.

First I wanted to be a jockey or a groom, since I was horse crazy from the day I was born. I even went so far as to apply for a college degree in Horse Management. I changed my mind and went into Graphic Arts instead. Halfway through that, I switched gears (and colleges) and graduated from Seneca with a certificate to teach art and photography.

I didn't get around to teaching, except for two short stints teaching art to six year olds at summer camp. Since I had developed an interest in photography, I ended up working in a camera store, where I met my husband and fell in love with his big brown eyes.

While living in Toronto I drifted back into the graphics field, composing ads for the camera shop. I used my newly acquired skills and finally ended up at our local newspaper. During all this time I indulged in my love of art and continued to paint, doing commissions of horses, dogs, cats, sailboats - you name it.

While working, painting and raising my family, I didn't forget about writing. When my husband presented me with a refurbished laptop, I grabbed the opportunity to craft the stories that had been building in my head for years.

When I was a child, we moved a lot, stopping in places like Trinidad and Spain. I had the opportunity to visit exotic locales like Algeria and beautiful places like the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. My family's roots are firmly entrenched in Canada - my father is directly descended from one of the first Acadians and my mother has Mi'kmaq roots. I hope to weave these elements into my stories of love and adventure.